“Tes fantastiques produits on fait VRAIMENT quelque chose
pour ma peau.”

“Someone said I look like a skincare model.”
- Izzy


“Your products are amaaazing! I truly have not had better
quality skincare products. Thank you SO much, I am
guaranteed hooked for life now!”
- Zoe

“I am loving your products so much! The serum absorbs so nicely and everything smells beautiful and fresh, I feel so pampered. Thank you!!”
- Genevieve


“My friend let me try her Beurre, Eau and Serum on our last road trip and I woke up with the softest, smoothest skin ever. I love the gentle
scents, and the packaging and branding are so lovely. Can’t
wait to make this part of my routine.”

- Sheila

“I am so in love with your amazing collection. I’ve been using it once or twice a week ever since it arrived and my skin is noticeably softer and more even toned. Thank you so much. I shared it with my bandmate
this weekend on tour and she loves it as much as I do!”

- Amanda


"Je ne savais pas qu'on pouvait être si émue par des soins pour le visage... Il y a tant de délicatesse et d'intelligence sensible dans la confection de ta ligne de produits, Audrey. Une compréhension du langage subtil, puissant, des plantes. Électre, l'étincelante est
passée par là puisque je me sens, grâce au rituel que tu as
développé, lumineuse et nourrie en profondeur."

- Caroline

"I couldn't recommend these products enough. I generally have dry skin and the serums have been extremely hydrating and nourishing but also feel lightweight and luxurious on my skin. I also noticed the Sérum de Jour has helped with my hormonal acne and reduced a lot of the inflammation. Both serums leave my skin with a dewy glow
and I love the delicate herbal scents."

- Leona


“Audrey Electra's Tout Le Kit is my new beauty ritual. I have sensitive skin, so I was a bit wary trying a new routine. I can honestly say that my skin has never looked or felt better. Naming it a routine is a misnomer - it is a ritual, one that I look forward to after my morning shower and just before I end my day.”
- Celia

"I’ve used your products for a week now and
WHAT A DIFFERENCE they have made to winter-ravaged skin!…

- Mary-Ann


"A little goes a long way. The Audrey Electra serums are the only moisturizers that I use on my face year round from the hot, humid
summer and cold, dry winter.”

- Pamela

- Trish


"I had a dream about the Eau Florale. I always spray it on my face and on the back of my neck before I go to bed & I was stressed out last night before going to sleep. In my dream I just kept misting my face over and over because it was making me calm- and I used the whole bottle!!! But I got it confused with reality- I thought I was actually up in the night misting myself, but here it is still more than half full!!!! I don't know what that means but I think it must
mean that it soothes my spirit."

- Diana

"I was lucky enough to try out the day and night serum last year and have been addicted ever since. Using the night serum balances out my combination skin (oily forehead, dry mouth/chin area) and makes my skin feel hydrated during the days, which has always been a struggle for me. After being able to use the entire kit I realized that the beauty butter is an EXCELLENT make-up remover and will easily remove even the most waterproof eyeliner from my eyelids without me having to scrub them raw. In short - if you're looking for an all-natural skincare line, I would highly recommend these products!"
- Rose


"I recently got into wearing highlighter on my cheeks to get a glowy look but I'm pretty sure that your Sérum de Jour does a better job of that - I just went to a café wearing nothing on my face but had put on the serum an hour earlier and got a compliment... on my glow! Also, since I've been using your serums I don't need to wear primer on my
face before putting on makeup."

- Marianna

"I love the gentle aroma of the Sérum de Jour - it's so easy to apply
and quickly absorbed by my skin. It doesn't leave any sticky
residue behind and makes my face feel
moisturized and youthful."

- Estelle 



"I have extremely sun damaged skin. Growing up in a harsh, hot climate as is the Australian one, takes its toll on fair, freckled complexions. The full extent of the damage is becoming apparent now. My skin is showing sun spots [these are apart from the freckles] all over my face and scaly, dry skin patches erupt which are apart from the all over dryness. The Audrey Electra Beurre Beauté relieves the all over extreme dry skin and
helps to tame those damaged spots."

- Lesley

"I've been using Audrey Electra’s Beurre Beauté for over a year with amazing success. I have extremely dry, patchy skin in the winter and even the mildest winter winds would chap my face, leaving it blotchy, sore and red. Using this product once or twice a week during colder months, I have smooth, hydrated skin that can handle any extreme weather. Before I could only get these results using products that contain intense chemicals I would ideally not want on my face. AE's Beurre Beauté is the perfect balance of safe, natural ingredients and a product that actually works!”
- Amanda 


"Just put on the heavenly Sérum de Nuit - sooooo luxurious and soothing. Would love to order a bonus size next time and
use it as a body serum!!"

- Louise

"I love your skincare. I'm 62 and I really love using clean and healthy products that have such great results."
- Anna Marie