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Our Story

 Audrey Electra is a natural skincare line hand made in small batches in Toronto, Canada. The entire line of products is formulated using the freshest plant based ingredients available, and is free of harsh chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, SLSs and PEGs. Floral oil infusions are made in house, essential oils, cold pressed oils, floral distillates, plant extracts and antioxidants are selectively sourced and carefully blended following the practices and principles of aromatherapy. Every essential oil added to each product serves a therapeutic purpose first and foremost, secondarily imparting a well balanced and gentle scent. Our formulations respect the skin's natural PH and we test all of our products (on humans) before launching them into the world. All of our products are crafted in house in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality, so you can nourish your skin with a potent dose of active botanical ingredients that help emphasize your own natural beauty. 


Audrey grew up on a piece of farmland in rural Quebec near the Laurentians, and drew creative inspiration from her natural surroundings at an early age. She began experimenting with botanical skincare recipes at age 16, using wildflowers, essential oils and her mother's garden herbs to craft balms and salves to sell at local farmers' markets and county fairs. When she relocated to Toronto at only 17, she took an interest in environmental advocacy and would eventually spend over 15 years working for a range of conservation organizations including Earthroots, Toronto Environmental Alliance and World Wildlife Fund.

A few years ago, Audrey decided she wanted to try something new and all her own, and recalled the sheer joy she felt while concocting her plant based beauty formulas. Informed by her many years of experience in the green nonprofit sector she decided to create a new line of products that would not only be natural and highly efficient, but safe for those using it and respectful of its impact on the planet.

Audrey spent two years researching the practices and principles of aromatherapy, sourcing high quality ingredients and developing and experimenting with various formulas. She then rigorously tested the results on herself, friends and family - and when she finally felt satisfied, in 2016 she officially launched the fruits of her labour to the public. Ultimately, Audrey’s relationship with the unspoiled wilderness of her childhood instilled in her a deep appreciation of our natural environment, and of the sheer power and integrity of the natural plant bounty it provides. This is what inspired the Audrey Electra skincare line as it exists today.